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Pools are supposed to be a fun time for everybody! They’re meant to be enjoyed and used to the fullest! But eventually, they do find a way to end up needing repairs. And that is when it can become a bit of a hassle.

So what do you do to prevent this? Well, the best way is to maintain your pool properly so that you won’t have to spend as much money on it in the future. And for us here at Adams Pool & Spa Services, the best way to do so is by knowing which parts of the pool you need to take care of the most.

So without further ado, here are the most common pool repairs you need to know about!

Pump failure.
The pump and motor for your pool is one of the most common parts of equipment that tends to need repairs. Once you turn the pool on, the pump is the first to move and make sure your pool has enough water in them to be enjoyed. And because of this, they are also the most often ones to break down.
The best way to deal with this is with simple maintenance of course. You can do it yourself, but it would always be best to call in professionals like us here at Adams Pool & Spa Services to check them out for you!

Pool light issues.
Pool lights are usually not a big deal, they’re basically as easy as replacing a regular old light bulb in your home. But it does happen pretty often to a lot of people which makes that night swim a little bit undesirable.
So to deal with this, all you have to do is call in your nearest electrical services provider to make sure there aren’t any problems with the surrounding electricity.

Lining leaks.
During the summer, it’s common to see pool water levels not as high as you might want them to be. But oftentimes it’s not because of evaporation, and solely due to a leak in your pool linings.
To combat this, you will need a regular service check up on your pool so that you can see if it needs repairing.
And those are the most common pool repairs that we need to be aware of in order to keep our pools clean and well. So if you’re looking for pool services that include cleaning or maintenance, then make sure to call us here at Adams Pool & Spa Services for the best pool services you can get in Southern California!

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