Important Pool Cleaning Tips Pool Owners

When it comes to taking care of our pools, it can oftentimes feel like a drag and is also pretty taxing. But it doesn’t always have to be like that at all!

We here at Adams Pool & Spa Service believe in making pool cleaning as hassle-free as possible. Because we know just how troubling it can get to have a dirty or messed up pool in the future.

So we compiled a small list of tips that are sure to help any pool owner with their pool cleaning!

Regularize skimming and scrubbing your pool.
The easiest way for any pool owner to take care of their pool is to get rid of any debris that may be floating in the water. Dried-up leaves or plastic pieces are the most common, so make sure to use a skimmer for better and more efficient cleaning!

Another easy way to clean your pool by yourself is by scrubbing it. By doing this, you’ll be getting rid of any algae forming on the sides and the floor of your pool. Investing in brushes for your pool is an easy way to achieve this and it makes the cleaning a lot more efficient as well.

Keep your chemicals consistent.
An important part of taking care of your pool is by making sure you consistently use the right amount of chemicals to keep it safe and sanitary.

You can’t just throw a whole box of chlorine into your pool and hope that it will be okay to swim in. The best way you can tell if you have the right amount is by using a tester. Or you can call us at Adams Pool & Spa Service to get some advice on just how many chemicals you do need for your pool.

Keep an eye on the water level.
Lastly, another easy tip on taking care of your pool is to keep an eye on your water level. If it’s too low, pump up your pool pump, if it’s too high then bring it down a notch.

But if you notice that your pool levels are frequently irregular, then that’s the time you should call in professionals like us!