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In order to better service our customers, we only offer residential pool & spa services in these cities.
We offer a much wider radius for commercial cleaning. Inquire for service area.

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The Importance of Pool & Spa Maintenance

APPEARANCE: With perfect pool weather almost year round in Southern California you want to make sure your pool is always in tip top shape. You wouldn’t want to swim in a dirty or contaminated pool, and your friends certainly wouldn’t want to either. Save yourself the embarrassment by keeping up with your pool.

SAFETY: Failing to perform consistent pool maintenance can mean more than just a dirty pool; it also leads to safety concerns. Balancing your pool chemicals incorrectly can actually lead to injury. We can help you avoid this by providing you with high-quality service and information on weekly pool maintenance in order to ensure that germs and bacteria – whether introduced by people, beloved pets, foliage, or other natural conditions surrounding the pool – are destroyed properly, leaving you with a sparkling and healthy pool.

LONGEVITY: Without proper weekly maintenance, your pool water can become quite corrosive and end up damaging the rest of your pool as well as any equipment in the pool. This can end up costing you a lot of money! In order to keep costs down, weekly maintenance is crucial.

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